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The Biography

By bringing together their different musical backgrounds, Machete has created a totally new sound.

In April 2012, the six musiciens of the at that time not founded band, decide to conquer the stage. A get-together, an exchange, an energy: its the birth of the band Machete!

Still euphoric by their successful performance, the band makes their way to the Printemps de Bourges, one of the largest and most important festivals in France, where they take part on the Off-stages of the festival. A week full of concerts ends with great success, positive feedback from the audience and lots of fun making music together (see news article below).

Strengthened by this success, the French-Cuban combo immediately starts composing and recording their first album “Vamos a Vencer“, which will be available as from 4 May 2013. The shooting of their video clip “La Salsa se Baila Así” (released on 21 December 2012), gave the band Machete the possibility to assert their identity and to continue their adventure through the fusion of music and dance from various origins.